3 Accessories Every Cyclist Must Have

After reading a dozen of blogs on choosing the right bicycle, asking questions on Facebook groups & online forums, speaking to the “he/she knows all about cycling” guy/gal, and visiting a couple of showrooms in your city, finally the “D-day” has arrived! You are super excited and soon you will be rushing to get your dream bike from the desired showroom. But wait! Don’t forget to get these 3 essential accessories along with your new bike. Here’s why they matter the most:


Without any brainer the number one accessory, which has topped our list, is Helmet. It is the first and foremost accessory every cyclist should buy regardless how seasoned rider he/she is. According to one research, Helmet reduces the chance of fatality by 93%. Now, there are a number of brands available in the market and the price starts from as low as Rs.500. Many cyclists restrict their budget for helmet, which ultimately leads to a compromised quality and safety standards. We strongly recommend you always go for reputed brands, which always meet the required safety standards. Buying a good cycling helmet should always be considered as an investment rather than an expense.

Cycling Shorts:

Many beginners and even seasoned cyclists undermine the importance of good cycling shorts. Of course, one can ride on for few kilometers with regular track pant or running shorts, without any pain or unpleasant experience. However, once you start building up your stamina and start exceeding the fiftyish odd kilometers, then comes the pain in the ass! Suddenly your regular track pants or running shorts do not feel comfortable anymore. The two of the distinct feature of cycling shorts are; super dry flexible fabric and gel/foam cushioning around the nether regions. The smooth fabric offsets the rubbing action between your inner thighs and seat post. In addition, the gel/foam padding protects your most sensitive regions from painful vibrations and impact-related soreness. A pair of shorts with decent enough quality will cost you around Rs.2,500.

Headlight & Taillight:

If you are one of those cyclists who love to hit the road either at quite hours in the late night or in the early hours before the sun rises, then you should never go without appropriate lights on your bike. A majority of bike accident occurs where a vehicle hits the cyclist from behind. The only reason for such an accident is the lack of cyclist’s visibility from behind. In addition, a powerful headlight can be very useful to divert away from the potholes and unwanted objects, which can lead to a puncture. There are many products available, manufactured by national and international brands. The power or lighting capacity of these lights is measured in lumens. One should go for a headlight with at least a power of 300 lumens and 70 lumens for the tail light.

We hope this article will be helpful while deciding on your first bicycle accessories. Get in touch with us if you require any kind of assistance, we’ll be more than glad to guide you!


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